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JWoods & Associates is an executive recruitment, placement, consulting and career advancement firm with two divisions: JWoodsExecs and JWoodsCareerBranding.

We are located in Seattle and South Florida and serve the Natural Products Industry, higher education institutions and non-profits.


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Being proactive in your job search is essential to implementing your career advancement plan and ultimately your career success.

According to Walt Disney, his success was based on his ability to “dream, believe, dare and do”. He never gave up. He knew what was possible and he inspired others to believe in possibilities.

You are only limited by your own dreams; you own commitment to invest the time and effort it takes to design and promote your career dreams. JWoodsCareer Branding offers several programs designed to partner with you and guide you through a customized program leading to an affirmation of your skills and the sculpting of your destiny. You have the chance to dream, believe, dare and do. What is stopping you from fulfilling your destiny?

We have five customized Career Advancement programs offered to professionals who are serious about their careers and not just a job. Our customized programs and services include:

  1. Database Placement
    This is a free service to candidates who want to be part of the JWoods & Associates database. In case a position becomes available, your resume is on file.
  2. Job Search Coaching
    This fee-based service provides access to resume & cover letter writing, creating a compelling marketing statement and interviewing techniques. If a candidate wants to aggressively search for a job then additional services are available.
  3. Job Search Marketing & Agent Services
    This fee-based service is designed to aggressively market and present candidates to employers, hiring managers and industry leaders. This package involves all of the above programs plus inclusion on the Employer Hot Sheet.
  4. Career Branding & Agent Services
    This fee-based service sets you apart from all the others. It strengthens your marketing position and your distinctive style. Your brand is built around unique attributes that set you apart. You are directed through a series of steps to identify, design, then market your career brand. The outcome:

    • distinguishes you from others;
    • is built on integrity and trust;
    • strengthens your reputation;
    • builds a name for yourself;
    • can last throughout your working career;
    • can be linked to all your social media connections;
    • Fast Tracks You To The Employer’s ‘Radar Screen’

We also have a vast array of services including:

  • Customized Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Skill Assessment
  • Interview Skills & Coaching
  • Resume Distribution
  • Salary & Job Negotiation
  • Reference Vetting
  • Marketing Plans
  • Career Branding
  • Career Advancement Plans
  • Media Placement & Social Networking
  • Networking

We also offer work transition services:

Outplacement Services
When employers need to transition employees, we help to make the process smooth and seamless. Our goal is to make this transition productive for the employee plus helpful to employers who can’t afford traditional outplacement programs. Our virtual outplacement services include phone, webcam and email support.

    • We offer A La Carte Pricing where an employer purchases a block of hours per employee which the employee modifies for their individualized needs. The employee package includes: resume and cover letter writing; market analysis; career coaching; assessments; interview coaching; resume marketing and distribution; performance coaching and negotiation skills.


Many successful professionals were guided along their career path by a mentor. A mentor is a person who has achieved an advanced level of experience and success associated with a career, job position or business venture. They are admired for their achievements and recruited to mentor others. Professionals such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, George Steinbrenner, Mary Kay Ash, have been mentored in their careers and, in turn, have mentored others.

Dedicated to the career advancement of professionals, we have designed the Career Connections program. The goal of the program is to match aspiring professionals with more experienced, successful leaders in business. Individuals who want to be mentored are called protégé’s. Protégés will complete a personal career profile, identify their career goals and are matched with a professional who best complements their needs and career goals.

Mentors are carefully selected through a referral program, individual contacts, networking and application process. There are three Career Connection levels. They are:

Career Exchange Leadership Exchange Executive Exchange
  1. Career Exchange is currently designed for individuals who have 5+ years industry experience at the regional, district or national level in sales and marketing and who aspire to the vice presidential level within a company.
  2. Leadership Exchange is a program designed for vice presidents and senior executives who want to be mentored by a successful CEO.
  3. Executive Exchange is designed for a CEO-to-CEO exchange of ideas, solutions and strategies to move their organization or their careers to new heights.

Participation in each of the above programs is based upon available space.

Benefits to Protégés

For protégés, the benefits of the program include:

  1. Learning new career, management, leadership skills
  2. An expanded networking base
  3. Gained insight to challenges and opportunities
  4. Personal growth
  5. A Re-aligned career path

Mentors are those professionals who provide advice, direction, insight and new skills. They share their experiences and motivate a protégé to keep their dreams alive.

The benefits of being a mentor include:

  1. Creating a true sense of personal fulfillment for helping others
  2. Polishing skills to be able to ‘teach’ others
  3. Expanding a networking base
  4. Exploring new perspectives to the job and career
  5. Clarifying their own career advancement dreams